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I am an overcomer

Hello, my name is Linda Bjork and I am an overcomer.  I have overcome depression, social anxiety, and trauma.  I have overcome self limiting beliefs, self sabotage, low self confidence, low self esteem and more.  For decades I felt like an imposter, masquerading as someone worth loving and accepting when I “knew” that I wasn’t really good enough.  Now I live a joyful, authentic, fulfilling life. 

I am passionate about hope, healing, and personal transformation because I have lived it.  I created Hope for Healing non-profit to help empower others to overcome as well.  I’ve interviewed hundreds of experts and overcomers on Linda’s Corner Podcast so we can help even more people overcome every kind of adversity and life challenge. 

I invite you to become an overcomer

What do you need to overcome?  Depression?  Anxiety?  Low self esteem?  Low confidence?  Self loathing?  Childhood trauma?  Abuse?  Fear of failure?  Being overweight?  Poor health?  Poor relationships?  Divorce?  Poverty?  Debt?  Addictions?  Feeling overwhelmed?  Stress?  Burnout?  Self limiting beliefs?  Self sabotage?  Fear of rejection?  Fear of not being good enough?  

Our life experiences can give us hard things to deal with,  but there is hope for healing.  We don’t have to be a victim, or even a “survivor,” we can be the champion of our own story as we overcome our challenges.  

Linda Bjork Hope for Healing founder<br />

I am an overcomer

A painful and personal journey to healing becomes a powerful tool to help others.

Every journey to healing begins with HOPE

I thought I’d never be happy again.  My name is Linda Bjork and this is my story.

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