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Hope for Healing

Every journey to healing begins with HOPE

self esteem, Building confidence and self esteem

Build confidence and self-esteem

Every journey to healing begins with HOPE.  I invite you to join us on the pathway of healing and living joyfully.  On the Hope for Healing website you’ll find tools and resources to learn and apply new skills to increase happiness,  build confidence and self-esteemstrengthen families and marriagesmanage stress, and help alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety.  You have the power to create the life you want.  We’ll show you how.


good enough

A message to anyone who has wondered if they're good enough

I get it.  I know how that feels.  I can explain why we may feel that way, how to overcome those feelings, and how to gain confidence in our own self worth.  

How to love and accept yourself

Free audio course

How to love and accept yourself

This empowering course can transform your life!  Learning to love and accept yourself is the foundation of building confidence and self-esteem.  Each lesson is just 3-10 minutes long.  Invest in yourself by starting today.  

depression help

You are good enough, and we can prove it!

Have you ever wondered if you’re good enough?  Well, we have good news.   The answer is yes, and we can prove it.

self esteem, Building confidence and self esteem

5 easy ways to build confidence and self esteem

You can build confidence and self esteem with simple, consistent actions. 

Here are five things that scientific research has shown to increase feelings of confidence and self esteem.

hope for healing program

The secret to confidence and self esteem

Why is it that some people seem to have all the luck? Brimming with confidence, happiness and success they have a strong sense of love and belonging while other people, no matter how hard they try, are always wondering if they’re good enough?

social comparison

Why do we compare ourselves with others?

We all compare ourselves to other people.  We do this even when the comparisons make us unhappy.   Why do we do this?  Is there a way to overcome the desire to compare? 

self esteem, Building confidence and self esteem

5 tips to increase happiness

you got this

You Got This! an action plan to calm fear, anxiety, worry, and stress

pathway to happiness

Pathway to happiness.  Unlock the answers that are already inside you.


Help us make the world a better place.

crushed by Linda bjork

Crushed  – start believing in your own happy ending.