Empowering Overcomers: Transformative Video Series for Personal Growth

What do you need to overcome?  Depression?  Anxiety?  Trauma?  Abuse?  Addiction?  Burnout?  Feeling stuck?  Feeling overwhelmed?  Feeling like you’re not good enough?  Low self confidence?  Toxic relationships?  Failure?  Self limiting beliefs?  Self sabotage?

Life can give us hard things to deal with but you don’t need to be a victim, or even a survivor, you can become the champion of your story as you overcome your challenges.  Empowering Overcomers is a free video series that will help you become the champion of your story – simply press “play” to begin. 

3 simple steps to healing and overcoming


Step 1: Feel good

Step 2: Increase self love

Step 3: Become aware & let go

Empowering Overcomers shares simple actionable steps to feel good, increase self love, and become aware and let go.  Discover the power within as you take this transformative journey to overcome challenges.  You can expect to see significant positive results within 30 days.  Begin today. 

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Step 1: Feel Good

Learn how you can actually alter the chemistry in your body to feel better.  These simple action steps will help you feel good.

Step 2: Increase Self Love

Self love is an important part of healing and overcoming.  Learn how to love and accept yourself.

Step 3 – Part 1: Become Aware & Let Go

Overcome self limiting beliefs and self sabotage.  We become free as we learn to become aware and let go of beliefs that hold us back.

Step 3 – Part 2: Become Aware & Let Go

Our relationship with our mother and our father is complex.  Learn how to become aware and let go of past emotional baggage.  Heal your relationship with your parents. 

How to heal from childhood trauma and abuse

Go from surviving to thriving.  Life can give us hard things to deal with, but you don’t need to be a victim, or even a survivor. You can become the champion of your own story as you overcome your challenges.  (It’s like free therapy)

Learn Why You Are Good Enough Right Now

You are good enough.  Increase confidence, self esteem and self love as you learn why you are good enough right now. 

*Nothing in this video series can be considered “medical advice.”  If you have medical questions please seek a qualified health care professional.

Course instructor

My name is Linda Bjork and I am an overcomer.  I have overcome depression, anxiety, trauma, low self esteem, self limiting beliefs, self sabotage, and more.  I started Hope for Healing non profit to help others overcome their challenges as well.  I have interviewed hundred of experts and overcomers on my podcast Linda’s Corner to be able to help even more people.  I invite you to grab a copy of one of my books like Crushed: a Journey Through Depression and Amazon best seller You Got This! An action plan to calm fear, anxiety, worry, and stress.  I am passionate about empowering people to be able to overcome their challenges, ending unnecessary suffering, and helping people become their best selves.  

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You Got This!

How do I forgive myself?  How do I stop worrying about my kids?  Am I good enough? All these questions and more are answered in “You Got This!”  

“You Got This!” is a thoroughly researched, easy-to-read, well-designed action plan to calm feelings of fear, anxiety, worry, and stress with a wide variety of proven cognitive behavioral therapy techniques, tips, and tricks that empower people to regain a sense of peace and control in their lives.

You Got This! will show you how to decrease stressors, increase coping skills, increase confidence, increase resilience, and find solutions to your problems.

Learn more. 


Crushed: A Journey Through Depression

Crushed is an inspiring true story so raw and unflinchingly real that you will feel like you’re reading your own story and will begin to believe in your own happy ending.

Review from Amazon: 
What an amazing true story of hope and overcoming the seemingly impossible!!!

Heroes are not just fictional! This book provides encouragement that we all can overcome hard things. I was shocked to learn about such powerful inner struggles that can be hidden so well. It helps me understand other people in my life and makes me feel empowered to make a difference. I highly recommend this book to anyone, especially those who are struggling with depression and anxiety (whether themselves or a from loved one).

Learn more. 

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