Encouraging higher education

Evidence has shown that the median earnings of a full-time, 40-year working life are 65 percent higher when you have a higher education than if you are a high school graduate only. However, the benefits of higher education are not just career-oriented.  Some of the practical benefits of high education include: economic, health, civic involvement, personal development, better communication (verbal and written), realization of passions, greater sense of discipline, and a sense of accomplishment.  Being able to develop yourself is invaluable, and higher education helps you do that. 

We encourage all young people to seek higher education and want to give extra assistance in reaching that goal to those with extra challenges.  For example, Kezman Jensen, was four years old when his father Marshall passed away from cancer.  Marshall fought bravely for his life for three long and painful years; his goal was to live long enough so that his son would be old enough to remember him after he was gone.  Marshall reached his goal, and we want to help Kezman reach his goals as well. Please help us help him and others obtain a higher education.  As always, 100% of your donation goes directly to help those in need.