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What is “progressive relaxation” and how does it help with stress?

When we’re stressed throughout the day, we often hold tension in our body through tightness in the shoulders, neck, lower back, etc.  In this audio, we’re going to control these muscles by first tensing and then relaxing them.  This contrast helps you to develop more of an awareness of when you’re holding tension in the body, and helps relax that tightness.  

Progressive muscle relaxation is a somatic quieting technique designed to help turn on the relaxation response in the body.   The relaxation response is essentially the opposite reaction to the stress response.  It turns the “rest and digest” system back on, and it can be an effective treatment for a wide range of stress related disorders because it counteracts the physiological effects of stress and the “fight or flight” response. 

This audio incorporates three separate somatic quieting techniques:  progressive muscle relaxation, diaphramatic breathing, and guided imagery to promote a sense of peace, relaxation, and well-being.  

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Linda Bjork is the author of several self-help books including You Got This! An action plan to calm fear, anxiety, worry, and stress, Crushed: a Journey Through Depression, and others.  She is also the founder and executive director of Hope for Healing, a non-profit charity which shares tools, information, resources, and a plan to alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety; relieve stress; build confidence and self-esteem; and heal relationships.  Her podcast, “Linda’s Corner,” and blog, “Two Good Things,” were created to inspire hope, increase joy, and motivate positive change.  Linda’s personal mission is to empower people to become their best selves.  

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You Got This!

How do I forgive myself?  How do I stop worrying about my kids?  Am I good enough? All these questions and more are answered in “You Got This!”  

“You Got This!” is a thoroughly researched, easy-to-read, well-designed action plan to calm feelings of fear, anxiety, worry, and stress with a wide variety of proven cognitive behavioral therapy techniques, tips, and tricks that empower people to regain a sense of peace and control in their lives.

You Got This! will show you how to decrease stressors, increase coping skills, increase confidence, increase resilience, and find solutions to your problems.

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Crushed: A Journey Through Depression

Crushed is an inspiring true story so raw and unflinchingly real that you will feel like you’re reading your own story and will begin to believe in your own happy ending.

Review from Amazon:  What an amazing true story of hope and overcoming the seemingly impossible!!!

Heroes are not just fictional! This book provides encouragement that we all can overcome hard things. I was shocked to learn about such powerful inner struggles that can be hidden so well. It makes me wonder and/or understand other people in my life and makes me feel empowered to make a difference. I highly recommend this book to anyone, especially those who are struggling with depression and anxiety (whether themselves or a from loved one).

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Free "I am" posters

An “I am” poster is a valuable resource to increase feelings of confidence and self worth.  Learn how this tool can benefit you. 

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Emotional First Aid Kit

An emotional first aid kit can provide an immediate, although temporary, positive effect on the way we think and feel.  Having an emotional first aid kit readily available can help people who are struggling with symptoms of depression, anxiety, low self esteem, or other mental and emotional issues.