free mental health resources

Free empowering resources to unleash your inner champion

We don’t need to be victims or even survivors, we can become the champions of our own stories as we overcome our challenges.  Enjoy these free resources to help unleash your inner champion. 

Empowering overcomers Heal from mother wounds and father wounds

Empowering Overcomers

What do you need to overcome? Depression? Addiction? Trauma? Abuse? Addictions? Feeling stuck? Self limiting beliefs? Feeling like you’re not good enough? Become the champion of your story as you overcome your challenges.

MMWW morning routine

5 minutes to a happier life

 Watch a short video to see how easy it can be to transform your life in just 5 minutes.  Download a free poster and free tracking sheet.  Get started today.

emotional resilience, how to feel happier and less stressed

Emotional resilience 101

Practical tips to feel happier and less stressed.  Being emotionally resilient improves the quality of our lives.  It reduces anxiety, worry, and stress and increases confidence and inner peace.  

Linda's corner podcast

Hope - Healing - Happiness

What do you need overcome?  Depression?  Anxiety?  Trauma? Abuse? Grief? Weight loss? Financial problems? Relationship problems? Browse through hundreds of interviews with experts and overcomers. 

books by Linda Bjork free ebooks books on depression books on marriage

Free e-books and audio books

Enjoy these highly recommended self help books on mental and emotional health, relationships, stress management, and personal development for free.

I am poster

Free "I am" posters

An important part of being your authentic self is knowing who you are and who you want to be.  Learn how an “I am” poster can increase feelings of confideince and self worth.  Download your free “I am” poster today. 

Stress management

Stress management

This audio course is designed to help increase skills to calm fear, anxiety, worry, and stress.  In this course you’ll learn how our emotions affect our autonomic nervous system.  You’ll learn how to decrease stressors and increase coping skills.  

How to love and accept yourself

How to love and accept yourself

Learning to love and accept yourself is the foundation of building confidence and self-esteem.  In this course, you’ll learn how to love and accept yourself and believe that you are already good enough. 

depression help

Dealing with depression

In this course you’ll learn some of the neurological and chemical effects of depression and why it diminishes happiness, hope, and motivation.  You’ll learn what is needed to overcome depression, and things we can do to help facilitate that healing.

progressive relaxation

Progressive Relaxation

Let this free meditation guide sooth your body and your mind.  Progressive muscle relaxation is a somatic quieting technique that relieves stress and activates the “relaxation response” in the body. 

, Free

Emotional First Aid Kit

An emotional first aid kit contains tools that provide an immediate positive effect on the way we think and feel.  An excellent resource to help get through hard days and to keep a positive attitude.  

heal your life

Heal your life from the inside out

This free video series is for those who want to heal their lives at a deeper level.  Learn how to love and accept yourself.  Learn how to release the past so you can live a glorious future.  

smile, emotional wellness, happy

Increase happiness

What makes people happy?  According to the Dalai Lama, “Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions.”
 We have the power to create happiness.
help for depression

Help for depression

There are ways to overcome depression and anxiety naturally, without medication.  Check out the free ebooks, audio courses, videos and articles all designed to help people overcome depression and become happy again.

stress managment

Stress management

Chronic worry and stress leads to a variety of  health problems.  Learn how worry and stress may be affecting your mental, emotional, and physical health and what we can do to manage stress. 

family marriage relationships

Improve relationships

Having happy and fulfilling relationships give meaning and purpose to life.  Learn tips to raise happy, successful children and how to have a better marriage.  Healthy relationships and healthy families lead to happy lives and healthy communities. 

confidence, self worth, self love

Build confidence and self Esteem

According to cognitive behavioral scientists our most basic questions are: Am I loveable?  Am I worthy of love and belonging?  Am I good enough?  The answer is yes.


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