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Hope for Healing

Every journey to healing begins with HOPE 

depression help, Help for Depression

Help for depression

These self-help resources are an excellent supplement to professional mental health care.

Every journey to healing begins with HOPE.  I invite you to join us on the pathway of healing and living joyfully.  On the Hope for Healing website you’ll find tools and resources to learn and apply new skills to increase happiness,  build confidence and self-esteemstrengthen families and marriagesmanage stress, and help alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety.  You have the power to create the life you want.  We’ll show you how.

suicide prevention

Suicide prevention

I invite you to be the one who helps save a life.  Prepare yourself by learning effective steps of suicide prevention: ask, keep them safe, be there, help them connect, and follow up.  Add crisis contact information to your phone, and work on becoming the kind of person that a person can turn to in a time of crisis.


How to feel happy again

When I was struggling with depression, I thought that I would never be able to feel happy again.  Now I’m happy and I love my life.  There is hope for healing.  There is hope for happiness.  I can show you an easy 5 minute morning routine that can begin the process of bringing happiness back into your life.  Please give it a try.

depression help

Free audio course

Dealing with depression

In this course you’ll learn some of the neurological and chemical effects of depression and why it diminishes happiness, hope, and motivation.  You’ll learn what is needed to overcome depression, and things we can do to help facilitate that healing.    Each lesson is just 3-10 minutes long.  Invest in yourself by starting today.

crushed by Linda bjork

Crushed: a Journey Through Depression

depression help, Help for Depression

How do I know if I need professional help for depression?

depression help, Help for Depression

Emotional First Aid Kit

depression help, Help for Depression

Self help for depression

depression help, Help for Depression

Why is it so hard to heal from depression?

depression help, Help for Depression

FREE ebook

30 Days to Alleviate Depression

Backed by science and verified by experience, “30 Days to Alleviate Depression” is a FREE guide book to help overcome symptoms of depression.   If you’re struggling with feelings of depression this just might be the missing key you’ve been looking for.  Are you ready to choose happiness? 

depression help, Help for Depression

What to do when a loved one has depression

It can feel so helpless to watch a loved one suffer from feelings of depression, but you may have more power than you realize.  There are things that you can do.  I invite you to be the person that offers a ladder to someone who is trapped inside a dark hole of despair.  

depression help, Help for Depression

A message of hope to those suffering from depression

I understand the feelings of despair, helplessness, and hopelessness of depression because I’ve experienced it for myself.  There is a way out.  You have more power than you may realize.  I invite you to learn how to climb out of the darkness and experience happiness again. 

depression help, Help for Depression

10 Tips to Overcome Depression

When you’re dealing with depression, it isn’t a matter of simply flipping a switch and “snapping out of it,” yet there is something we can do about it.  A transformation won’t happen overnight, but these tips can help put you on the pathway to happiness.

depression help, Help for Depression

Teen depression and anxiety

Depression and anxiety isn teenagers is very real and very destructive when left alone, but a treatment that focuses on building resources and skills is very successful.  Change and healing are possible.  Here are some tips that will help.

depression help, Help for Depression

Join the conversation

In just the five years between 2010 and 2015, the number of U.S. teens who felt useless and joyless – classic symptoms of depression – surged 33 percent in large national surveys.  Research suggests there is a likely culprit.   

depression help, Help for Depression

4 Habits that sabotage our own happiness - and how to stop

We may be blocking our own joy and contentment without even realizing it. These common unhealthy habits can sabotage our happiness, but there are simple ways to stop.

depression help, Help for Depression

5 tips to increase happiness

Here are five simple things that you can do in increase your happiness.  There’s also an explanation of why it works and easy suggestions to apply them in everyday living.  Everyone can use a little more happiness. 

depression help, Help for Depression

12 ways to boost mental and emotional health - backed by science.

You have more power over mental and emotional health than you may realize.  Learn how to improve wellbeing.  

depression help, Help for Depression

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depression help, Help for Depression

Crushed: A Journey Through Depression

Crushed is an inspiring true story so raw and unflinchingly real that you will feel like you’re reading your own story and will begin to believe in your own happy ending.


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