help for depression and anxiety

Help for depression

Learn what you can do yourself to overcome depression and anxiety naturally, without medication.  Enjoy free videos, audios, ebooks, podcasts, articles and more with no strings attached.  We care about your happiness and want to empower you with a comprehensive variety of valuable resources available at your fingertips.  We recommend starting with the Emotional resilience 101 video series, where you can begin learning effective tools to alleviate depression and manage stress in just a few minutes.  Or continue scrolling down to learn what we can do to overcome depression. 

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Free video series – Emotional resilience 101

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Free audio course – Dealing with depression

free ebook 30 days to alleviate depression

Free ebook – 30 Days to Alleviate Depression

Emotions are chemical

Emotions are chemical.  There is a physiological reason why we feel the way we do.  We have a reward center in our brain and when it is flooded by “feel good” chemicals (dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, endorphins, etc.) we feel happy.  We also have “stress” chemicals (cortisol, adrenaline, etc.).

Our mental, emotional and physical health and well being are all interconnected.  For example, our body chemistry affects our emotions; our emotions affect our thoughts, words, and actions; and our thoughts, words, and actions affect our body chemistry.

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Our body chemistry affects our emotions; our emotions affect our thoughts, words, and actions; and our thoughts, words, and actions affect our body chemisty.  The point of power where we have the most control in this cycle is controlling our actions that affect our body chemistry.

We can do something about depression

To feel better, we want to decrease stress chemicals and increase feel good chemicals by changing what we do, say, and think.  It is easier to control what we do than it is to control what we think.  It’s nearly impossible to just “think” ourselves out of depression, yet we are not helpless.  There are so many things we can do to change the chemistry in our body, and that makes us feel better.

Hope for Healing offers free help for depression

Check out the free articles, videos, audio courses, and ebooks offered by Hope for Healing to overcome depression.  These resources share a wide variety of simple action steps that increase “feel good” chemicals and decrease “stress” chemicals.

Please remember that depression isn’t a quick fix however.  In order to maintain that positive body chemistry, it takes consistency; it’s not going to be a “one and done” situation.  By consistently applying these simple action steps, your body chemistry will gradually adjust to a happier balance.

nutrition and depression

How are nutrition and depression connected?

gut health and depression

How does “gut health” affect depression?

crushed a journey through depression

Crushed – how I healed from depression

Claiming our power

It is so empowering to know that there is something we can do to overcome depression and other mental and emotional issues.  You have the power to create the life you want.  We’ll show you how.

suicide prevention

Suicide prevention

I invite you to be the one who helps save a life.  Prepare yourself by learning effective steps of suicide prevention: ask, keep them safe, be there, help them connect, and follow up.  Add crisis contact information to your phone, and work on becoming the kind of person that a person can turn to in a time of crisis.

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10 Tips to Overcome Depression

When you’re dealing with depression, it isn’t a matter of simply flipping a switch and “snapping out of it,” yet there is something we can do about it.  A transformation won’t happen overnight, but these tips can help put you on the pathway to happiness.

Linda's corner podcast

Linda's Corner Podcast

Linda’s Corner Podcast is a wonderful resource to help overcome depression.  Experts share useful information on mental and emotional health, overcoming trauma and adversity and more.  You have the power to create the life you want.  We’ll show you how.

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How do I know if I need professional help for depression?

Everyone gets discouraged or depressed now and then, so how do you know when your depressive symptoms have reached a point when professional help would be a good idea?

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Why is it so hard to heal from depression?

Depression is a pervasive problem and extremely frustrating for many reasons.  Understanding why it’s hard can help us be compassionate with ourselves and others.  It can also help lead to answers that actually work.

self help for depression

Self help for depression

Self-help for depression is about learning what you can do yourself to overcome depression and anxiety naturally, without medication.  Learn what you can do to increase the “feel good” chemicals in the brain so we can feel better.  We can do something about depression.

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What to do when a loved one has depression

It can feel so helpless to watch a loved one suffer from depression, but you may have more power than you realize.  I invite you to be the person that offers a ladder to someone who is trapped inside a dark hole of despair.  

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A message of hope to those suffering from depression

I understand the feelings of despair, helplessness, and hopelessness of depression because I’ve experienced it for myself.  I invite you to learn how to climb out of the darkness and experience happiness again. 

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Increase happiness

We don’t just want to stop feeling depressed, we want to actually be happy.  What makes people happy?  According to the Dalai Lama, “Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions.”
 We have the power to create happiness.

Hope for Healing home page

Hope for Healing

On the Hope for Healing website you’ll find tools and resources to increase happiness, build confidence and self-esteem, strenthen relationships, manage stress, and overcome feelings of depression and anxiety. 


Help us make the world a better place

Will you help us accomplish our mission to make the world a better place?  We want people everywhere to experience the hope that comes with mental and emotional well-being.

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Emotional First Aid Kit

Feel better fast.  An emotional first aid kit can provide an immediate positive effect on the way we think and feel.  Keep your first aid kit handy.