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What can I do to be happier?

Emotions are chemical.  There is a physiological reason why we feel the way we do.  We have a reward center in our brain and when it is flooded by “feel good” chemicals (dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, endorphins. etc.) we feel happy.  We also have “stress” chemicals (cortisol, adrenaline, etc.). 

Our mental, emotional and physical health and well being are all interconnected.  For example, our body chemistry affects our emotions; our emotions affect our thoughts, words, and actions; and our thoughts, words, and actions affect our body chemistry.

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Our body chemistry affects our emotions; our emotions affect our thoughts, words, and actions; and our thoughts, words, and actions affect our body chemisty.  The point of power where we have the most control in this cycle is controlling our actions that affect our body chemistry.

We can do something about our happiness

To feel happier, we want to decrease stress chemicals and increase feel good chemicals by changing what we do, say, and think.  It is easier to control what we do than it is to control what we think.  It’s nearly impossible to just “think” ourselves happier, yet we are not helpless.  There are so many things we can do to change the chemistry in our body, and that makes us feel better and happier.

Hope for Healing offers many videos and articles to share fast and easy action steps that decrease stress chemicals and increase “feel good” chemicals.  For example, there is a short video on our 5 minute morning routine to increase happiness.  In order to maintain that positive body chemistry, it takes consistency; it’s not going to be a “one and done” situation.  By consistently applying these simple action steps, your body chemistry will gradually adjust to a happier balance.

Claiming our power

It is so empowering to know that there is something we can do to be happier.  Please check out the free articles, videos, audio courses, and ebooks offered by Hope for Healing.

We have the power to create the life we want.  We’ll show you how.

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Emotional resilience 101 – free video series

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How nutrition affects our happiness

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Crushed – How I found happiness again

5 minutes that will change your life

5 minutes to a happier life

It takes just 5 minutes a day to create a happier life.  We can show your how to make measurable changes in the way you feel.  Easy step by step instructions show you an attainable pathway to happiness.  Are you willing to invest 5 minutes to transform your life?

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5 tips to increase happiness

We can do things to increase our personal happiness.  

Here are five things that scientific research has shown to increase feelings of happiness.  We explain what they are, why they work, and how to try it for yourself.  

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Why do we compare ourselves with others?

We all compare ourselves to other people.  We do this even when the comparisons make us unhappy.   Why do we do this?  Is there a way to overcome the desire to compare? 

Linda's corner podcast

Linda's Corner Podcast

Linda’s Corner Podcast is a wonderful resource to become happier, healthier, and more successful.  Experts share useful information on mental and emotional health, emotional eating and weight loss, overcoming adversity, parenting, relationships, and more.

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Books that motivate, uplift, and inspire

Enjoy titles like – “Crushed: A Journey Through Depression,” Amazon best-seller “You Got This! an action plan to calm fear, anxiety, worry, and stress,”  “30 Days to Alleviate Depression,” “You Are Good Enough,” and more.  You can experience Linda’s books for free.


Making the world a better place

Will you help us accomplish our mission to make the world a better place?  We want people everywhere to experience the hope that comes with mental and emotional well-being.


Ways to boost mental and emotional health

Did you know there are things we can do that literally change the chemistry in our body and our brains to boost mental and emotional health?  Here are twelve tips, backed by science, that have been proven to improve mental and emotional well being. 

4 ways we can sabotage our happiness and how to stop

4 habits that sabotage our own happiness - and how to stop

We may be blocking our own joy, happiness, and contentment without even realizing it. These common unhealthy habits can sabotage our happiness, but there are simple ways to stop.

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How to make every day a good day

Listen as London professor Natalie Staub explains what it takes to make every day a good day regardless of circumstances in the world or in our lives.  Or watch her YouTube video on how to increase motivation and tips for creating a positive mindset.  

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The secret to confidence and self esteem

you got this

You Got This! an action plan to calm fear, anxiety, worry, and stress

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Crushed – how to heal from depression


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17 simple ways to relieve worry, stress, and anxiety