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Increasing happiness

We can all use a little more peace and happiness in our lives.

Hope for Healing offers tools, information, resources, and a plan to increase happinessbuild confidence and self-esteem, strengthen families and marriages, manage stress, and help alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety.  You have more power than you might think.

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5 tips to increase happiness

We can do things to increase our personal happiness.  

Here are five things that scientific research has shown to increase feelings of happiness.  We explain what they are, why they work, and how to try it for yourself.  

4 ways we can sabotage our happiness and how to stop

4 habits that sabotage our own happiness - and how to stop

We may be blocking our own joy, happiness, and contentment without even realizing it. These common unhealthy habits can sabotage our happiness, but there are simple ways to stop.

social comparison

Why do we compare ourselves with others?

We all compare ourselves to other people.  We do this even when the comparisons make us unhappy.   Why do we do this?  Is there a way to overcome the desire to compare? 


12 ways to boost mental and emotional health

you got this

You Got This! an action plan to calm fear, anxiety, worry, and stress

pathway to happiness

Pathway to happiness.  Awaken the answers that are already inside you. 


Help us make the world a better place.

17 simple ways to relieve worry, stress, and anxiety

Making the world a better place.