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Welcome to Linda’s Corner.

Trauma and abuse affect our lives deeply.  Listen to those who have healed from trauma and abuse and learn how you can heal too. 

Linda’s Corner is a top rated podcast that motivates, encourages, and empowers people to live a joyful, abundant life. Learn how to get unstuck, overcome self-limiting beliefs, overcome childhood trauma, and more.  Listen on Apple podcasts, Google podcast, Spotify, or watch on YouTube.  Also follow us on Instagram and Facebook @lindascornerpodcast. 

Linda's Corner Podcast

Resilience | Overcoming Adversity | Trauma | Abuse | Loss | Healing

Heal your life from the inside out

This free video series is for those who want to heal their lives at a deeper level.  Learn how to love and accept yourself.  Learn how to release the past so you can live a glorious future.  

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