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Linda’s Corner Podcast: Inspiration for a Better Life

Welcome to Linda’s Corner Podcast where you’ll find inspiration for a better life

Are you seeking inspiration and transformation in your life?  Look no further!  At Linda’s Corner we tackle everyday challenges like relationships, parenting, weight loss, health, and finances, and we also dive deep into heavier topics like depression, anxiety, addiction, abuse, grief, and childhood trauma.  Listen to stories of real people overcoming real challenges, just like yours.  With the wisdom of experts and the courage of overcomers, we provide the help and encouragement you need to thrive.  Join us today for a healthy dose of hope, healing, and happiness.  Subscribe to Linda’s corner today on your favorite podcast platform!  

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Or scroll down for a list of podcasts organized by topics such as: mental and emotional health, weight loss and physical health, overcoming trauma and adversity, personal development, relationships and parenting, finance and leadership, and more.  You have the power to create the life you want.  We’ll show you how.

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Lindas corner podcast
lindas corner
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personal development self improvement podcast

Browse episodes about personal development, self improvement, and becoming your best self

resilience overcoming trauma overcoming adversity podcast

Browse episodes on resilience and overcoming adversity

mental and emotional health depression podcast

Browse episodes on mental and emotional health and overcoming depression

trauma abuse healing podcast

Browse episodes on healing from trauma and abuse

unstuck self sabotage self limiting beliefs podcast

Browse episodes about getting unstuck, overcoming self limiting beliefs and self sabotage

self love self care love yourself podcast

Browse episodes on self love and self care

relationships family parenting podcast

Browse episodes on relationships and parenting

mindset mindfulness positive thinking podcast

Browse episodes on minset, mindfulness, and positive thinking

finance money leadership success podcast

Browse episodes on money, getting out of debt, financial freedom, leadership, and success

weight loss emotional eating physical health well being healthy podcast

Browse episdodes on weight loss, emotional eating, and physical health

law of attraction manifesting podcast

Browse episodes on the law of attraction and manifesting

faith spirituality podcast

Browse episodes on faith and spiritual well being

education learning experience travel podcast

Browse episodes on learning, education and experience

happiness humor podcast

Browse episodes on happiness and humor

podcast community culture

Browse episodes on community and culture

crushed podcast

Listen to excerpts of “Crushed: A Journey Through Depression” by Linda Bjork

you got this podcast fear worry anxiety stress stress management

Listen to excerpts of “You Got This! an action plan to calm fear, anxiety, worry, and stress” by Linda Bjork

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lindas corner podcast
lindas corner podcast
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