How to manage stress

Stress management

Chronic worry and stress can negatively affect virtually every organ system in the body and has been shown to cause numerous health problems

Practical tips to manage stress

Learn how worry and stress may be affecting your mental, emotional, and physical health.  How does the stress response work? How do we turn it off?  Learn practical tips to overcome worry and stress.  We can do something to manage our stress so we can feel happier and enjoy more inner peace.

emotional resilience, how to feel happier and less stressed

Emotional resilience 101

This free video series shares practical tips to feel happier and less stressed.  Being emotionally resilient improves the quality of our lives.  It reduces anxiety, worry, and stress and increases confidence and inner peace.  We care about your well being.  5 easy lessons 5-10 minutes each.

relieve stress, worry and anxiety

Tips to relieve worry, stress, and anxiety

Worry, stress and anxiety  can trigger a host of health problems, but there are things we can do to overcome the feelings of worry, stress, and axiety.  Here are 17 simple ways to relieve worry, stress, and anxiety. 

You Got This

You Got This! an action plan to calm fear, anxiety, worry, and stress

Decrease stressors; increase coping skills;  and find solutions to your problems with this easy-to-read action plan.  Grab your copy today! 

Stress management

Free audio course

Stress management

This audio course is designed to help increase skills to calm fear, anxiety, worry, and stress.  You’ll learn how to decrease stressors and increase coping skills.   Learn effective tools to manage stress.

Linda's corner podcast

Linda's Corner Podcast

Linda’s Corner Podcast is a wonderful resource to manage stress.  Listen as experts share tips and advice on stress management and other topics.  You have the power to create the life you want.  We’ll show you how.

stress management

What is the stress response?

What is the stress response?  How does it affect my health?  How do I turn it off?  We increase our power over stress when we understand how to turn on the stress response and how to turn it off.

5 minutes that will change your life

Reduce stress in 5 minutes

It takes just 5 minutes a day to create a happier life.  We can show your how to make measurable changes in the way you feel.  Easy step by step instructions show you an attainable pathway to happiness.  Are you willing to invest 5 minutes to transform your life?

worry and stress

How does worry and stress affect your health?

90% of our health problems are related to stress.  Learn how worry and stress may be affecting your mental, emotional, and physical health.  Learn how to manage worry and stress.  

heal your life

Heal your life from the inside out

This free video series is for those who want to heal their lives at a deeper level.  Learn how to love and accept yourself.  Learn how to forgive yourself.  Learn how to release the past so you can live a glorious future.  

hope for healing free resoucrs

Free mental health resources

Are you ready to be happier, healthier, and more successful?  Please enjoy these free resources to manage stress, overcome depression and anxiety, build confidence and self esteem, improve relationships and live the joyful life you were meant to live.  

help for depression

Help for depression

There are ways to overcome depression and anxiety naturally, without medication.  Check out the free ebooks, audio courses, videos and articles all designed to help people overcome depression and become happy again.


Making the world a better place

Will you help us accomplish our mission to make the world a better place?  We want people everywhere to experience the hope that comes with mental and emotional well-being.