Supporting schools to secure our future

Children are our future and education is key to creating a bright tomorrow.  We value our children and support education in its many forms: public schools, charter schools, private schools and home schools.

Many schools struggle reaching their potential due to insufficient resources.  For example, Paradigm, a public charter school in Utah, is known for its caring mentors and individualized attention.  Many parents with students who have struggled academically and/or socially have found this school to be an oasis of hope for their child.  Due to its reputation, Paradigm attracts a demographic with a much higher-than-average number of students with IEPs and other special needs. One particular challenge is the high number of students who enter with a below-grade-level math aptitude.  These students need more than love, they also need adequate resources.  Although administrators and mentors do their best, multiple demands stretch a tight budget.  There are online resources available to help these students improve their math skills, but with only 2 or 3 computers in a classroom, these resources are not available to these students.

Please join with Hope for Healing to help these kids receive the resources they need.  100% of donations go directly to support those in need.